How to launder or wash your rhinestone apparel from Sparkly Life by Terri


     Taking care of your new Carte Crystals rhinestone t-shirt or apparel is quite simple. You do not need to hand wash it. We suggest to turn your apparel inside out before putting it inside the washer. Some people prefer to put the apparel inside a mesh bag, but it is not necessary since we use the best rhinestones in the market. Second, you can select any temperature for the water and any cycle but we suggest gentle cycle so the apparel last you for years to come. Any regular laundry detergents and fabric softeners are recommended. DO NOT USE ANY PRE-WASH SPRAYS OR STAIN REMOVERS BECAUSE IT WILL REMOVE THE GLUE FROM THE STONES.


     After taking the apparel out of the washer, all you have to do is lay it flat and let it air dry. If you prefer to use the dryer, just put it in low heat but still inside out so the stones do not touch the inner metal drum inside the dryer.