Why do most rhinestone t-shirts are missing stones even when they are brand new from an upscale boutique?

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     The main reason t-shirts are missing stones even when they are brand spanking new is because most companies do everything in China since the labor is cheaper. Not to mention, most companies try to save as much money as they can and use cloudy rhinestones made out of plastic or even rhinestuds instead of high quality Cartè Crystals. Rhinestuds are made out of metal. They are hollow, and for that reason do not hold well to any garment because there is less surface to adhere to the garment. Also, over time rhinestuds loose their original coat of paint and become all silver making the actual design one color and hard to recognize. Has that happened to you? The answer is probably, YES...

     Cartè Crystals are made out of high quality glass (lead free) so they retain their beatiful brilliance even after 1,000 washes. Also, the back of each Cartè Crystal is flat so the whole back surface of the crystal adheres to the garment with our special adhesive process. In almost every store in America, sparkly t-shirts are missing studs or stones because most companies make shirts on a t-shirt feeder instead of one by one individually.

     At Sparkly.Life, we proudly use only the highest quality of Cartè Crystals available in any market in the world. We have our own machine, our own art designer, the best process in t-shirt/design making and the best quality of garments.

     Sparkly.Life does not compromise quality over price. Every Cartè Crystal garment is made here in the heart of Orlando, Florida one garment at a time. Furthermore, each piece is double checked to ensure the highest quality product just went out of our warehouse on to your doorsteps. We have 100% satisfaction guaranteed in all our garments.

     If it is not perfect, it is not Sparkly.Life quality.